Rental Information

Payment Schedule
Cancellation Policy
Rental Agreement
Standard Amenities


Payment Schedule

1. If you reserve up to 21 days before your Arrival Date:

2. If you reserve less than 21 days before your Arrival Date:


3. Refundable Damage Deposit (RDD):

See The Rental Agreement, for detailed information regarding the RDD.

Please note:

Cancellation Policy
All properties are a universal cancellation policy, see below. 

1. If we receive a Cancellation Notice 30 or more days prior to the Reserved Arrival Date:

2. If we receive a Cancellation notice less than 30 days prior to the Reserved Date of Arrival:

3. Relocation 30 or more days prior to the Reserved Arrival Date:

4. Reservations made on VRBO or Airbnb:


Rental Agreement


Cooperstown Stay requires the main contact person on a reservation to sign a rental agreement. Bookings from all platforms are required to fill out and sign the  rental agreement. There may be property specifics in the rental agreement, a general example of the rental agreement is below. 

After booking with Cooperstown Stay Vacay you will receive a detailed confirmation email. The confirmation will include a link to review/sign the Rental agreement as well as refundable damage deposit information. 

The agreement is signed digitally, once complete a fully executed copy will be sent to the email address provided. 

  Link to EXAMPLE of Rental Agreement       


Standard Amenities

Unless otherwise noted, Standard Amenities for all rentals Include:

All other amenities included ONLY if specifically listed in the full description for the property!


  1.  Rental units are NOT handicap accessible unless  specifically listed.
  2.  Each property is managed by the host / owner; Cooperstown Stay is the rental agent.