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Before you begin your search for lodging, there are a few things to consider when searching for lodging for your Cooperstown baseball tournament.


Which Baseball Tournament?

There are a few baseball tournaments in and around Cooperstown, NY. Be sure to find out from your coach in  which tournament you are competing. When booking, we encourage guests to be aware of the distance the lodging is from their tournament park. Booking lodging on the other side of town can introduce unnecessary challenges and tarnish your Cooperstown experience.


Tournament Week Assignment?

Each Team is given an assigned week when they will be participating in the tournament. When doing you search, be sure your arrival date and departure date coincide with your assigned "tournament week" for the best chance of finding lodging. Use our 2024 Baseball Tournament Schedule as a guide for when you can check-in and check-out of your lodging. 

Proximity to Teammates

Where are your Teammates staying? Does your team want to get group lodging, or will each family find their own lodging? Sometimes two or three families will come together to book one large private home instead of each finding their own lodging. This helps with sharing the cost, and also makes a lot more memories for the teammates and their family members. 


Type of Lodging?

We offer a range of options from small suites and apartments to large private homes on the lake with over six bedrooms to group lodging where each family has a cottage on the same property keeping the team together

Booking Process

We understand that teams don’t know their week until it has been assigned. So, to give everyone a fair chance at getting their lodging, we have an “opening day” when our accommodations become available for booking.

Who is Coming?

Many people will say they want to go to Cooperstown, but not everyone who wants to be there can be there. So, be sure to talk with everyone who has expressed interest in coming to Cooperstown ahead of time so you have a final count of guests before the opportunity to book lodging begins so you know for sure who is attending the Cooperstown baseball tournament.

Post-Game Activities

What will you want to do when you are not playing a tournament game? There are so many things to do while here in Cooperstown, NY. What you do depends on your team, and your family. Will you want to explore the village? Or, stay in your private lodging and play foosball or have a campfire? It’s always great to have things for the boys to do when they’re not playing their baseball games. Maybe that game of foosball will help the kids get their mind off a big defeat, or perhaps there is something that your family can do together to maximize your big trip to the coveted Cooperstown, NY.

Map of Baseball Tournaments near Cooperstown, NY

Map of Baseball Tournaments near Cooperstown

While you are searching for lodging in Cooperstown, use the map to help you identify where each accommodation is located in proximity to your tournament park near Cooperstown and other attractions in the Cooperstown area.