Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q.s about Cooperstown Stay rental service and the Cooperstown area.

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Can I walk to Cooperstown Dreams Park?

Sorry, but there is no pedestrian traffic allowed to walk into the Dreams Park. This is a safety issue because there are no sidewalks. Cooperstown Dreams Park is in a country setting.

How do I place a HOLD on a Rental Property?

Call us at 607-547-6260 and we will be happy to HOLD any two (2) rental properties for two (2) days, while you are finalizing your plans. No payment needed. We will just request your phone number and email.

Is Central Air Conditioning needed in Cooperstown, NY?

Window A/C units work quite sufficiently in our area. Please note average temps below.

What is the average summer temperature in Cooperstown?

Average temps, but Mother Nature can change her mind:

  • June: 76 high, 50.5 low
  • July: 79.8 high, 54.7 low
  • August: 78.2 high, 54 low
What is the weather like?

It gets cool at night – be sure to pack some long sleeves. Yes, rains can come and go. Bring some rain gear. They sell umbrellas and ponchos at the tournament complexes.

Where are the tournament games played?

There are three (3) youth baseball tournament locations:

Cooperstown Dreams Park
Located 5 miles south of Main Street, Cooperstown.

All Star Village
Located in Oneonta – half hour south of Cooperstown

Baseball World
Located in Oneonta – half hour south of Cooperstown

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Do I need to bring sheets and towels?

All of Cooperstown Stay rentals provide bed linens and towels.

Do we pay extra for cleaning?

NO, cleaning fees are included with all Cooperstown Stay rental rates.

Can I ship items to my rental choice ahead of my stay?

If your team is playing at the Cooperstown Dreams Park, the Dreams Park folks have a department set up to accept shipments. Please call them directly at 607-547-4061. There will be other guests staying at your rental before you and we cannot be responsible for any parcels shipped to your rental address.

Is the well water safe to drink?

YES, every well has been tested and is safe to drink. Brewery Ommegang came to Cooperstown because of the excellent water quality in our area.

Can we have a team party?

If any given rental can support the number of people for a team party, it will be listed in the description. Otherwise so sorry, team parties or large gatherings are not permitted. This is because the homes all have a private septic system and well and the infrastructure cannot support large groups week after week. We want you to have a comfortable and safe stay, so we protect the systems for you.

Where can we have a team party?

Barnyard Swing, Glimmerglass State Park, Gilbert Lake State Park and many local restaurants.

If we have more people than beds, can we bring an air mattress?

Because of local Health Department regulations, each home has been granted a permit to offer rentals based a MAXIMUM Stated Capacity. This does not include your players who stay at the tournament complex. But YES, it does include coaches who will rotate between the tournament complex and your lodging. Sorry, no extras.

When is check-in? And check-out?

Cooperstown Stay is your rental agent. Each property is privately owned and the owner is your host. Each host will send their Welcome Notes out to you with Check-in and Check-out details.

Are rates negotiable?

Any discounts would not be offered until May – a few weeks before our summer rental season begins.

Can we swim in the lakes?

Yes, you sure can!

How warm is the lake water?

It is very weather dependent. Average: high 60s to low 70s.

Is the Dreams Park near the Baseball Hall of Fame?

The Dreams Park is 5 miles south of the Baseball Hall of Fame which is on Main Street in the village of Cooperstown. The Dreams Park is out in the country, less than a 10 minute drive.

Are there grocery stores and other services nearby?

There are two supermarkets very close to Cooperstown Dreams Park – both open 24/7 in the summer. There are six in Oneonta near All Star Village. There is a super Wal-Mart in Oneonta.

Are there restaurants nearby?

We only have 1850 people, and one traffic light, but we have 40 restaurants in the immediate area – from diners and coffee shops to fine dining by the lake.

How big is Cooperstown?

Cooperstown is a small village of only 1850 people. We have just one – that’s right – just one traffic light. Our whole town is only 8 blocks wide.

Is Cooperstown, NY a safe area?

Golly, they don’t even measure the crime rate here. Locals would be inclined to help you, not hurt you.

Is there wildlife?

Here in the foothills, you will see white tail deer, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, raccoons, woodchucks, wild turkeys, Canada Geese, ducks and more. You may see all kinds of birds – including Bald Eagles.

Are there insects?

Yes. Many are nocturnal and are drawn to lights at nights. Just make sure to keep doors closed. You may consider them a nuisance, but they are not harmful.

Are there spiders?

Yes, the spiders come in search of those insects. So, if a light is left on all night outside, the insects will fly toward the light, the spiders will go in search of an insect dinner, and voila cobwebs are formed overnight. Cycle of life – a little science lesson here. The poisonous spiders native to warmer climates don’t like our cold winter climate.

Is it true that the roads are dark there?

There are street lights in our towns and villages, but not on the roads in between. But our headlights work pretty well at night! If there were street lights everywhere, we wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of the stars at night!

Is there an airport shuttle?

Sorry, no regular scheduled shuttles. Some private taxis will provide a ride. The closest airport is 1 ½ hours away.

Which airport should I use?

Albany NY and Syracuse NY airports are most commonly used.

FYI, here are distances to Cooperstown, NY from various Northeast cities:

  • Albany – 73 miles
  • Syracuse – 85 miles
  • New York City – (Geo Washington Bridge) – 200 miles
  • Boston – 244 miles
  • Niagara Falls – 256 miles
  • Philadelphia – 268 miles
  • Washington D.C. – 395 miles
  • Chicago – 760 miles
Do I need a car?

Yes, you will need a car.

Where is the nearest Supercharger or Tesla charging station for electric cars?

In Cooperstown - a Tesla charging station is located at The Inn at Cooperstown at 16 Chestnut Street.

In Oneonta – a Tesla and a J1772 hookup (for all other electric cars) are located at the Hampton Inn at 225 River Street.

Can I make multiple payments? Do you accept checks?

YES, half is requested when you make the reservation and second half is due months later. Yes, we accept checks.

For complete payment details click here.

What is there to do in the area?

In addition to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, you can visit the Farmer’s Museum, the Fenimore Fine Art Museum or the Glimmerglass Opera. The folks who live here spend a lot of time on the lakes and rivers. Paddle sports, including kayaking, canoeing and paddling on Stand-up Paddleboards have all become very popular.

For a complete listing of WHAT TO DO IN THE AREA , visit or

Is there a gym or workout center?

Yes, check out the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, and there are multiple options in Oneonta.

Where is the closest hospital?

Bassett Healthcare is in the village of Cooperstown and Fox Hospital is in Oneonta.