Cooperstown Stay Rental Agreement

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Cooperstown Stay rental homes director Lonetta Swartout

Unless otherwise noted, Standard Amenities for all rentals Include:
  • Bed linens, blankets, pillows
  • Bath linens
  • TV / Cable or Satellite, Internet
  • Fully equipped kitchen
All other amenities  included ONLY if specifically listed in the full description for the property!

  1. Refundable damage deposit - separate from rental fee.
    Paid directly to  host.
  2.  Rental units are NOT handicap accessible unless  specifically listed.
  3.  Each property is managed by the host / owner; Cooperstown Stay is the rental agent.

Cooperstown Stay Rental Agreement
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1. Cooperstown Stay, Inc., (hereafter known as Cooperstown Stay) is an independent contractor and functions as a rental agency to secure lodging for guests visiting the Cooperstown, NY area.

2. Cooperstown Stay is a rental agent for the property owners it represents and is not an agent of the guest.  However, Cooperstown Stay will strive to make every rental situation fair and equitable for both the host and the guest.  Cooperstown Stay is not an agent for Cooperstown Dreams Park or any other baseball tournament or attraction.

3. Cooperstown Stay shall not be held liable for any postponed or cancelled ball game, for any loss, damage or delay due to transportation, accident, fire, strike, civil authority including the actions of state, county or local governments in restricting or forbidding the provisioning of lodging, acts of God, cleanliness, maintenance and safety of any lodging or any cause beyond its control.

4. It is understood that the guest has accepted the lodging as is, unless the guest notifies Cooperstown Stay upon arrival via phone or email of any claim he/she has with the lodging.

5. The information contained in the Cooperstown Stay website is provided as an aid to our guests in the selection of a rental property. The details about each individual property listed on our website are provided by the property owners and are verified by Cooperstown Stay upon initial (and any subsequent) inspection.  Cooperstown Stay does not control the addition or deletion of amenities provided with the listed properties; these amenities are provided by the property owners.  Cooperstown Stay is not responsible for any variation between the website property descriptions and the actual condition of the property at the time of the guest’s check-in.

6. Properties may occasionally be removed from our offering and website on short notice due to change of ownership or other unavoidable conditions (such as death, illness, Acts of God or other conditions) beyond our control.  If a guest’s confirmed reservation at any property becomes unavailable, Cooperstown Stay will notify the guest immediately and will assist the guest in finding suitable substitute lodging.

7. A $40 (forty dollars) charge will be applied to any returned checks.

Occupancy Rules

1. All minor children must be accompanied by a competent adult at all times.

2. Guest(s) must abide by the stated maximum occupancy requirement of the reserved property.  Total occupancy includes all children except for infants in a crib (or pack ‘n play).

3. Visitor is not permitted to bring non-resident people to use the facilities of the lodging establishment. Team parties or large gatherings are forbidden, unless specifically allowed by the host.

4. Any unauthorized increase in the number of people booked per lodging may forfeit the visitor’s reservation. Consult lodging host directly with any change in numbers of people booked – prior to arrival.

5. PETS of any kind ARE NOT PERMITTED in any rental property.  (Please inquire about guide dogs or other Service animals.)

6. CAMPERS, TRAILERS or MOTOR HOMES MUST NOT BE HOOKED UP OR OCCUPIED WHILE PARKED ON THE PROPERTY. (Parking unoccupied campers, trailers or motor homes is only allowed with previous written permission of the property owner.)

7. If telephones are listed on our website as being for local calls only, all long distance calls must be charged to a credit calling card, collect or third party. This includes computer usage over phone lines or as described by host's specific internet usage plan.

8. Interior furnishings MUST NOT be rearranged, or removed from the property for use outside.  Exterior furniture must remain outside in the location intended by the property owner.

9. Guests will be held responsible and charged accordingly,  for repairs due to abuse and/or neglect by any member of their party.

10. Guests will leave the lodging establishment in a clean and orderly condition. All dirty dishes must be cleaned and put away. Garbage, trash and food must be removed from the premises and disposed of appropriately prior to check out.  Each guest  is asked to inquire  if host can donate unopened food, and leave it accordingly.
~~Please leave the property as you would leave a friend’s house.~~

11. All keys must be returned upon check out. Lost or non-returned keys are subject to a charge of $25.00 per key.

12. The aforesaid occupancy rules are in addition to any written lease agreement between the property owner and the guest. The aforesaid occupancy rules are for the information of the guest, and represent the minimum requirements of each property owner for whom Cooperstown Stay acts as a rental agency.

Security Deposits

  1. Security deposits are held by the owner (or the property manager of the lodging) against damage or misuse of the property.
  2. Return of the security deposit is dependent upon compliance with the Occupancy Rules contained herein as well as a satisfactory damage inspection by the property owner or his representative.
  3. The security deposit may be used to cover damages to the property or missing items resulting from your stay, late check-out charges, extraordinary cleaning charges, insufficient funds checks, lost keys, lock-out charges, etc. This deposit is not a waiver of our right to charge for damages in excess of the amount of the security deposit.

Cancellation Policy
Guest must contact Cooperstown Stay to cancel a reservation.

  • If we receive a Cancellation Notice 30 or more days prior to the Reserved Arrival Date, guest will receive 90% of the rental payment(s) paid to date.  Cancellation Fee is equal to 10% of the rental fees paid to date.

  • If we receive a cancellation notice less than 30 days prior to the Reserved Date of Arrival, there will be NO refund unless we are able to re-book. In that case, guest will receive 90% of the rental payment(s) paid to date.  Cancellation Fee is equal to 10% of the rental fees paid to date.

  • If you RELOCATE within our offerings more than 30 days prior to the Reserved Arrival Date, there will be NO Cancellation Fee and NO Relocation Fee.